Q & A


 We are extremely excited to present indoor cycling like you have never seen it before, this is simply the most exciting spin experience out there. 

We are proud to be working with our great friends at TONIQ who will be taking you through your paces on these incredible bikes.

What is RIDE.?

RIDE. is indoor cycling at its best, with the best bikes in the world in an unrivalled environment.

Our RIDE. is delivered on top of the range Stages bikes with the best instructors and the renowned Stages power bar installed on each bike to track all you cycling stats.

For more information on our stages set up visit https://www.stagesindoorcycling.com

Who is it for?

RIDE. is aimed at every fitness level and ability and will give you the most personalised experience what ever level you are.

If you are new to indoor cycling then jump on the bike, enjoy the music, lights, energy and just RIDE.

At an intermediate level you can use the RIDE to start to test you and track your fitness improvements over a period of time through our app.

And if you are a more serious cyclist our system allows you to track your RIDE data and make sure you are training at the correct thresholds using your personal FTP (functional threshold power) scores.

What can I expect from RIDE.?

When you arrive we will sign you in to your bike and induct you on how to use it and what you need to know about the class so you are fully prepared before we start. 

Once the class starts, the lights go down and the music goes up and we are ready to give you a workout experience like no other. Your instructor will expertly guide you through the 45min session where you will mix between intervals of work sets. The screen shows you where you are in the workout to keep you on track and delivers visuals you can get lost in. 

At the end of the workout you will have a gentle stretch through and we finish the session with a health shot. 

Each of instructors delivers a slightly different style of RIDE. And with different types of music. Although each class is suitable for every level you may find there is one that suits your taste best so check out our instructor profiles before you choose your RIDE.

How do I prepare for my first RIDE.?

You can bring your own cycling shoes if you have them. Our pedals are set up for SPD cleats. 

If you don't have these you can wear appropriate trainers.

Wear comfortable fitness clothing and please remove jewellery. 

Bring a water bottle.

We have sweat towels on all the bikes and chilled water to fill your bottles up. 

There are shower and changing facilities onsite but please bring a towel. 

Please arrive 15mins before your first class so we can get you fitted to your bike and explain the class.
You must download the StagesFlight app before you arrive. Once downloaded, sign up and set up a profile. If you know your FTP you can enter it here. If not dont worry, fill in the full profile and the system will do the rest. 

This will allow you to track the data from your class and make the RIDE. personal to you.