House Rules


We care about everyone’s experience at Walcot House, whether you are a member or guest, and we work hard to try and ensure you leave with a positive reflection of your time with us.

With that in mind, we have some guidelines that we expect everyone to adhere to.

Dress Code

We expect you to make an effort with your attire when you come to Walcot House and would prefer you to adhere to a “smart casual” dress code. However, we do appreciate that this doesn’t work for everyone so in order to make your night and ours as hassle free as possible, we have the following advice:

Trainers - Some are ok, most are not. If you are going to wear trainers we want them to be clean and fashionable. Not scruffy, old, gym or tattered. Jeans - We like them with turnups, we like them slightly skinny. We like them when distressed or ripped, we do not like them holy and torn. Baggy or low riders are a complete no no.

Sportswear - None whatssoever.
Caps - These are very much down to your whole look and the discretion of the management, we would rather you not wear them.

Sashes, badges, tiaras, glowsticks and all other fancy dress are not allowed.

Attitude and Behaviour

Our customer experience is important to us, this includes the behaviour of other customers towards one another and our staff. 

We expect you to be polite, courteous and friendly whilst you’re with us. This begins when approaching the front door, our staff are very friendly and will do their utmost to ensure your night runs as smoothly as possible, however, we do not expect them to have to put up with rudeness, shouting or threats at their place of work so we reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone at any time with no refund if you have pre paid.

We have some wonderful neighbours who would like to enjoy a nice quiet evening once in a while and will not appreciate you shouting as you approach of exit the venue, so please don’t.

If you have an issue with any other customer at any time then please speak to a member of staff.

Please understand that these guidelines are set out to try and preserve our product, customers and their experience. We are a private venture and therefore reserve the right to adhere to our values and standards

You must be 21 or over to use the venue.