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Lit. x Cafe Walcot


On May 31st, Cafe Walcot teams up with The M2M Group to present Lit., a non profit pop up restaurant and after party concept that focuses on marrying up the three elements of food, light and sound. Lit. is a banquet dining experience brought to life by deep house and electronic sounds all delivered under candlelight. It will form one of a few events run this year in an effort to raise £250,000 to build a fully functioning spinal unit in Chitwan, Nepal.

M2M have very recently announced they will be collaborating with Babington House head chef Neil Smith and Berlin based Vermouth brand Belsazar to deliver a food and alcohol offering that is sure to set Lit. apart.

Guest Chefs. Unique Venues. Select DJs.

Tickets are now live and you can find them here along with more info on the event and the company’s mission this year to change the lives of people in Nepal -


Neil Smith - Head Chef Babington House -

"A couple of months ago Ed and Olly approached me about being a part of Lit. and I’m glad they did... It’s such a cool concept and the fact it’s for a great cause means this is going to be something a little bit special. Im going to be using locally sourced, seasonal produce to create some of my old favourites and maybe a few new ones too. Theres going to be lots of food, lots of booze and lots of fun, can’t wait!"

Adam McGurk - Belsazar UK Ambassador -

"I’m super excited to be involved in what promises to be a unique multi-sensory event. I will be working closely with the kitchen team, utilising many of the same unique local ingredients to create exciting and interesting Belsazar drinks pairings to complete the culinary experience."

Olly Barkley - Co-Founder M2M -

"The sound aspect of our Lit. events is a really integral part of the experience. It's not just about some music to eat great food to or some music to dance to when the afterparty begins. It's about a journey through the electronic genres that guides you through your night, from melodic house and electronica to tech house and disco a few different ways we want the music to change and move as the night progresses. With the venue being entirely candlelit and the other bits and pieces we have planned I can't wait to see and feel everyone's reaction to the whole thing. Personally I've had a lot of fun putting together the music ideas and direction for the night so I can't wait to deliver it on the 31st with Charlie."

Debbie Still - Owner Walcot Cafe -

“Our corporate & individual responsibility to society/community means to “give something back”!
There are so many good causes that find us at Walcot House but Ed’s openness, humour & charming delivery accompanied with Olly’s passion to deliver a charity event in a different way won us over. Lit is a great vehicle for folk to have a fantastic experience and at the same time giving to charity - it’s win win for everyone and we are delighted to be part of it and very excited to see their ideas come to life.... and money raised for the Nepal spinal unit.”