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An evening of Sourdough Pizza & Piano // Cafe Walcot, Bath

After strong demand from our New Year Eve event, 

Cafe Walcot will be presenting: 

An evening of Sourdough Pizza & Piano.

We cook food that we love, we're not into pretentious swipes, foams or any of that rubbish, just hearty food with robust flavours.

We cook sourdough pizza in our wood fired brick oven. Neapolitan style at extreme heat delivering crisp pillowy crusts, with spots of char. Our dough is proved for 36 hours making it easy to digest and giving it depth of flavour. None of the artificial/ chemical yeast which floods our nation.

On piano we bring you the master of the keys George Wilson, after his debut gig at Walcot House on New Years we’ve captured the lightning in a bottle and bring you an evening of your favourite tunes and sing alongs. George Wilson promises to have you singing along all night long.

Informal, relaxed, atmospheric, cosy, good value, tasty, fun - you get the drift. 

Doors open at 6pm. 

Music from 8pm with 3 x 40 minute sets with breaks in between.

A discretionary £2 music charge per head will be added to your bill.